Thursday, 4 March 2004


I like challenges because i get bored very easily.I am very happy for my friend, Violet. She is embarking on a very exciting journey, doing something that is totally unrelated to what she had been studying and learning.I am excited for her because i know that she is one that really strive for things that she wants to accomplish in life and she will persevere till the end.

Do i enjoy what i do?Well, yes and no. Yes because i have been learning about drugs and tablets for the seventh year now. No, because i am getting quite bored.Bored because i am looking for challenges, for unexpected and unpredictable events to happen.I think i am dreaming and being too idealistic. The reality is, (i think), no matter how interesting a job is,if i do it everyday , it will not be as interesting.I might be wrong...but somehow, i think i will not be a pharmacist for the whole of my life.. i am still searching.. for something ... which i do not know at present.Maybe when time comes, i will do something totally different. I was thinking about it today... one thing that came to my mind was being a missionary/pastor.I think that is really challenging.. and there is no end to that.

By the end of the day, i think life is a journey, of becoming.. always with a -ing.Therefore, i always remind myself to enjoy every step of the way and the very moment. NOW is as good as it gets. There is no where else that i wanna be, no people that i wanna be with than those that i am currently with NOW.

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