Monday, 23 February 2004

U need space?

I am a mixture of introvert and extrovert.I sometimes enjoying spending time with myself and sometimes i long for company. It's a pity sometimes when i want to bridge the gap with another being and it didn't work. Chemisty i guess.Someone said that our interaction should be close and yet distant. I interpret that as there are boundaries that we should not cross and i should keep my friends at a distance that is comfortable to them as well as to myself.Sometimes i would go closer... but another being would like more space.

My journey so far has been bumpy, in terms of friendship.I just need to find my own balance between independent and dependent.That is my challenge.

To be honest, i long for an intimate friendship but it's hard to come by nowadays, especially in London where people seldom stay for long,well at least they don't stay long in my life. Henri Nouwen encouraged me that my heart should be a place where people are free to come in and leave. I am learning to be a good host and appreciate the gifts that all the visitors bring with them.

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