Thursday, 12 February 2004

Do you have an issue? --SILENCE

My boss asked me yesterday in private whether i have any issues working here, anything i am not happy about or any suggestions or comments? She said that because she finds that i am very quiet and i don't have much to say when work is concern.I am bubbly in other social conversations. I think she is not comfortable about me being quiet when i am with her.I don't talk much to her.She is a very bubbly and outgoing person, perfect for PR and networking as a manager.

She asked me again today whether i have a problem with her personally. I said no and smiled. I have nothing against her, no grudge.I dare not judge because God is the only judge.I guess i am communicating with my silence.. but apart from my silence i do not how to behave. I hope there is nothing wrong with silence.Silence because i have nothing to say and i do not want to sin with my mouth especially when i am unsure about myself. It's okay.. i just want to make this entry to remind myself what i experienced in this hospital before my next job.

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