Sunday, 23 March 2003

Regent's park and All Souls

I have been spending my weekend here at Park Road, less than 5 minutes walk from Regent's Park.I miss my friend V.I think of her quite a lot today.I also went to All Souls for service this morning.John Stott shared on suffering--the badge of being a Christian.Wow.He also mentioned about the matrys in Pakistian and Nepal.I was in tears.I am always humbled by matrys and their love for Christ.As i attended All Souls, sat at the corner that i always sit with V.I miss her dearly.We always meet up at All Souls and sat at our favourite corner.I walked through Regent's Park,a beautiful and peaceful scene to behold.Children playing,some roller skating, some jogging and couples rowing boats. It's all about Love.I am always reminded by Jon about Love, Loving God with all our hearts, minds, soul and strength being the greatest commandment. Oh, how i fall short of it.By God's grace, He is always trying to catch my attention, "forcing " me to rest in Him.I have been like a Martha, too busy striving and running around.I need to be like Mary instead, to sit at His feet and just adore His beauty.Lord, please let me behold your beauty and your loveliness and let all things that surround me grow dim in the light of YOU.ONLY YOU......

I am very vulnerable physically.It's humbling to know how fragile i am.I had and still having food poisoning.I need morphine! or at least some sleeping pills so that i can sleep till Monday.My stomach is giving me a hard time,it;s churning in me and i am suffering =( God, please heal me..... i am in pain.....

Friday, 21 March 2003

Looking forward to _________-?

It's Friday today.I love Fridays but not as much now. Why? Because i have nothing to look forward to.Something is missing.. i am feeling ....plain.... ya.I have nothing to look forward to.... vanity vanity, everything under the sun is vanity to me at least... i need to be still before God and meet with Him, that's all i need.I am physically tired and feeling sick.I ma having gastritis.. *sigh* self-inflicted.I drank coffee yesterday, and now i am paying the price.

I will be going to IRELAND , west coast like Cork and Galway on the 3rd of April. I should look forward to it.... well... just plain... not particularly excited as i expect myself to be... is there something wrong with me? I am getting bored with life.I need to renew my mind in Christ.Just give me JESUS, i don't want anything else. JUST GIVE ME JESUS!!!!

Monday, 17 March 2003


HAHaa.. guess what? I didn't get the job.I expected it, so Praise the Lord that He prepared my heart for this outcome. It's alright, it just means that He is guiding me to a place that He wants me to go. Everything is in God's hand and i believe that His plans for my life will unfold itself as time goes. I need to be patient.Something i really have to learn to obey God's timing.It was a good exposure and a humbling experience to attend for the previous interview.I realised the gap in my clinical knowledge and therefore has spurred me to spend more time to learn more.All in all, God is good and He will NOT withold anything good thing from His children.

Thursday, 6 March 2003


AAAaaaaahhh.. i need a break.... i am abit homesick, especially now that the air ticket is so cheap.�370 return on MAS including tax.I did consider going home for just one week, for a break, to refresh my self, eat well and sleep well. I have not been able to sleep well lately, i am a big panda now.I am planning to get some eye-gel to reduce puffiness and dark circles.*sigh* I am ageing... and my hands are full of lines....few lines underneath my eyes as well.... hhaha

Well, will persevere... six more months.... and i will be home, attending my brother's wedding and hopefully with a job secured in view of the fact that my working visa ends in August.Persevere...............

Finally this day has arrived.I was so nervous for the past few days. Read two "Power Interview" books, prepared my answers... called ppl for tips.... well well, Praise the Lord, i can clearly see God's providence in this process, though it does not mean that i will get this job offer( The position that i applied is a junior pharmacist, after my one-year training contract).Let me give you some examples:

#1. My colleague in Southend Hospital- she attended the interview one day before me.She told me what questions were being asked. She was the same person who told me about the interview that i had for this current job as well. Today, when i went for the interview, it was exactly the Same questions; same drug chart, same problems to be solved. Having said that, i didn't do very well for the clinical questions.
#2. There was this pharmacist who did the STEP programme and i met her during the Open day. I mailed her and she did reply on what to expect.Unfortunately, when i was at my friend's place yesterday, his computer crushed and couldn't connect to internet. Miraculously, this morning, in such a big hospital like Guy's, i was rehearsing for answers at atrium, she was on her way to the ward and i saw her! She was surprised that i didn't receive her e-mail and she spent 5 minutes going through the questions with me.She gave me precious tips and got me through the "priority question " bit.
#3. When i went into the room, i have actually met one of the interviewer before.I spent one week in his department: paediatric and he actually remembered me. =) That really helped a lot as i was more comfortable and at ease.

All in all, I am very thankful for all the prayers and support from my friends and my family. In times like this, i really do cherish my friends, especially being in a foreign country.I will know the result by Friday or next Monday.A big hug to all of you who are reading this and have been remembering me....

Lord, thank you for your providence and blessing me with friends who are supportive and encouraging.Whatever the outcome, please give me grace to accept it with a thankful and joyful heart, for i know that You will give me the best and You already have the place in your mind.Please prepare my heart this few days to accept the outcome. Amen.

I feel nervous.........=P

Sunday, 2 March 2003


I attended a study day last Wednesday and my friend told me that the interview for the Structured training programme (STEP) would be on the 6th. I did not hear from them then and my heart sank. My mind was planning which hospital i should apply next. Then, on FRIDAY, i received a letter from this hospital in London, i am being shortlisted for interview! =)

PLS PRAY for me as you read this. My interview is on the 9th March 10 am. Pls pray for wisdom and peace. Whatever the outcome is, i have every reason to praise God. If i get it, praise the Lord, If i don't, i thank God because He has a better one prepared for me =) YoooHooo...
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