Tuesday, 23 December 2003


Hello, it has been such a long time since i blog this... it doesn't matter if anyone is reading them... it's my birthday today... i am feeling alright... few surprises actually... physically dead tired... did more giving than receiving actually... woke up at 6 am this morning, to write a card and letter to doctor C in St. Pancras.. it took longer than i thought... finished at 8 am... prepared the tiramisu , last bit of touch up which i made for the second time for him and my colleagues... nevertheless it's alright.. counting my blessings along the way... no complaints.. just presents i'm afraid.. well maybe not yet..realised that presents dont come a lot as i grow older... to be honest, my birthday is my most vulnerable spot... still learning to face it ... with more and more courage as i grow to be more mature... i am alright... not hyper nor hypomania, just euthymic =)

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