Monday, 21 July 2003

FAMILY DAY OUT in Southened

What is a church? A family of God. I had a wonderful family day yesterday. The sunday school kids are really cute and active, always running around. After church, we went to visit an elderly woman, our church member who was admitted to the hospital, waiting for possible diagnosis of minor stroke. We went there, sang her a song, read Psalms 23 to her and prayed for her. Later, 6 of us went out for dinner, with steamed fish- a luxury in the UK! I was so spoiled yesterday *grin* We felt so full after dinner, and decided to walk along the beach.. yeah i am only 20minutes away from the sea, so (come .. u are more than welcome=)) walked for an hour, chat and joked with Pastor John Lee.. all in all, it was a great family day out for me... God is good

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