Friday, 13 June 2003

Summer and my Bicycle

It's summer now... everyone is on their bike, except me... Boo Hoo i miss my bike....... i was tempted to buy one, but no.... i am going to move to London soon... as i am offered a job now in London. One less item to move is a good thing.

It's harm now.. i wish i can just eat a whole tub of ice-cream without putting on weight. Well dream on... so, i need to start storing some water in my fridge.In general, people increase their activity in the summer... but not me.. i don't like warm fact, i stayed in on the weekend, in my room enjoying the's too harm out there... but nevertheless, it's good to see people so excited over summer.. about their holidays, their barbeque, picnic... Sunshine is good for the soul =0 Have a lovely weekdn ! (and U)

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