Wednesday, 25 June 2003

THE BEAUTY OF ART- Beyond the limitation of words

I wish i can draw.... i wish i am artistic... met this girl , three years younger than me, from Seol, Korea. She did fine art in Korea, major in sculpture, now decided to study art in London. London.. art? hmnn.. not so sure about that.. Anyways, she showed me her portolio... wow.... i was so impressed....!!!!!

There was one masterpiece that i love... i did not understand some of her work... as you could have guess by now, as i said, i am not imaginative, not artistic... eventhough she told me it's a flower, i still can't see it.... *Duh* oh well... that's me... eheh back to what i was saying, the piece that i loved was the one she told me it's TEARS. There was one occasion where her roommate was crying in front of her.. she did not know what to say... her heart really felt her sorrow... and yet she did not know how to express... so she took her brush.. and drew her tears on the paper... she said the paper was just like the tissue she used to wipe her tears...

I was deeply moved... and i have been thinking about it... Human emotions... and feelings ... and thoughts... the ultimate is where we just can't find any words that is suitable or fit enough to describe our feelings... and that is the beauty of ART.... we can't describe with words... and yet we want to express ourselves.... and hopefully when we see a piece of art, we can really feel what the artist was feeling when they expressed themselves through art....

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