Friday, 9 May 2003

Rainbow and COVENANT

I am so happy !! I saw double rainbow for the second time in my life =) Amazingly, the first time that i saw it was two years ago when i first arrived Glasgow for my undergraduate studies. Two years later, i saw it again, right before my eyes. It reminded me of Noah's Ark and the covenant that God made to Noah. For me personally, i was reminded of God's faithfulness and His unchaning LOVE that has brought me through recent years, especially abroad, without family..... God has always been my best friend, my listener, my guide, my Father.I am what i am is all by the GRace of God, everything is a gift to me.I learn to be thankful and appreciate all that people has done for me, be it a stranger, acquaintance, or even people who has hurt me.They have taught me how to live abundantly, not mere existing.Lord, thank you for being such a faithful God to me, help me to be a faithful follower of Christ.Amen

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