Tuesday, 27 May 2003

Feasting weekend

I had a long weekend due to bank holiday yesterday.Took the train to London, met up with Joanna and Aaron,who came down from Glasgow and Beng Weng, my secondary school friend, and Jason Ten all in one day.We had dimsum at Royal China, had a lot of food, including lobster noodle *yum*. Later we went to Oriental City, in zone 4 London and ate again (few hours later i mean :0). My friend couldn't believe she was in UK when we were at Oriental City, the food court looked exactly like Yaohan, shopping mall in Malaysia.There was so much food to choose from that we took such long time to decide what we wanted.We had curry lamb and beef noodle. Both were really good.We had ABC as well, with lots of coconut milk, very high in fat..... Later, Aaron wanted to look at the durians which were being sold but the price was ridiculous! One piece cost 2 quid!!!!!!! we actually told that man it was expensive.We also did some grocery shopping.My friend bought Ipoh white coffee and i bought a bottle of honey with lime, made in Malaysia, cost me 3 quid but no regret-Lar.=P

Came back to Southend on Sunday, went out dinner with pastor and four of my flatmate's friends, yeah feast again, went back to church and my friends asked the pastor lots of questions on christianity.The night ended with one of the girl accepting Christ as her personal saviour. Praise the Lord=)Pastor L has set a good example of loving people and patience. He was just so patient, spending 3 hours answering all our questions, though some were really silly.He was not at all annoyed.He told me that answering others questions is secondary, the important thing is our attitude, how we express our love annd being sensitive towards their needs that really matters.I will always remember that.

I met up with pastor on Monday for brunch, had a heavy English vegetarian breakfast, (oily one despite 'vegetarian), then chat with him till dinner time, had Italian food for dinner, i had fish, quite nice and he had sirlion steak.My flatmate joined us for dinner as well, We then went for a walk along seafront.

All in all, i had a great weekend, pastor cleared some of my doubts in my struggles and some of my perspective towards life.He prayed for me, asking God to show me clearly the path that i should take, i.e. the ministry that God wants me to serve and the strength to translate the love for people in actions.

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