Sunday, 23 March 2003

Regent's park and All Souls

I have been spending my weekend here at Park Road, less than 5 minutes walk from Regent's Park.I miss my friend V.I think of her quite a lot today.I also went to All Souls for service this morning.John Stott shared on suffering--the badge of being a Christian.Wow.He also mentioned about the matrys in Pakistian and Nepal.I was in tears.I am always humbled by matrys and their love for Christ.As i attended All Souls, sat at the corner that i always sit with V.I miss her dearly.We always meet up at All Souls and sat at our favourite corner.I walked through Regent's Park,a beautiful and peaceful scene to behold.Children playing,some roller skating, some jogging and couples rowing boats. It's all about Love.I am always reminded by Jon about Love, Loving God with all our hearts, minds, soul and strength being the greatest commandment. Oh, how i fall short of it.By God's grace, He is always trying to catch my attention, "forcing " me to rest in Him.I have been like a Martha, too busy striving and running around.I need to be like Mary instead, to sit at His feet and just adore His beauty.Lord, please let me behold your beauty and your loveliness and let all things that surround me grow dim in the light of YOU.ONLY YOU......

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