Friday, 21 March 2003

Looking forward to _________-?

It's Friday today.I love Fridays but not as much now. Why? Because i have nothing to look forward to.Something is missing.. i am feeling ....plain.... ya.I have nothing to look forward to.... vanity vanity, everything under the sun is vanity to me at least... i need to be still before God and meet with Him, that's all i need.I am physically tired and feeling sick.I ma having gastritis.. *sigh* self-inflicted.I drank coffee yesterday, and now i am paying the price.

I will be going to IRELAND , west coast like Cork and Galway on the 3rd of April. I should look forward to it.... well... just plain... not particularly excited as i expect myself to be... is there something wrong with me? I am getting bored with life.I need to renew my mind in Christ.Just give me JESUS, i don't want anything else. JUST GIVE ME JESUS!!!!

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