Sunday, 2 February 2003

New/Old Camera

My beloved camera has rest in peace.Told mum and she gave me a camera which was lying in the house.Got it, happily loaded the film on Friday, but couldn't work! Aikss... so went to Westcliff Phtographic to shop for second-hand camera.He showed me few modern ones, around 70 quid.Somehow not very interested.Then something caught my eye... It was Olympus obselete model, no autofocus,i have to set the distance myself and i have to wind it up each time i use.But i was truly fascinated by it.It has backlight function, i can do close-up, with a mini reflector in front of the flash.It's really cool! The quality f the picture is much better than the newer ones.AYA was the one who told me about it, she has got one and she showed me her photos.. it was superb.I am so HAPPY!Thank God for this PRESENT ! My chinese new year pressie.It's 70 quid, quite ex, but i really like it and i bought it. PRAISe the Lord!

I am happy

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