Tuesday, 25 February 2003

JOB and holiday Visa

I have sent two application forms, i know that is not a lot.At the moment, i don't believe in sending 1001 application forms to all the hospitals.I have sent in one for a structered training programme which last for 3 years.By the end of the 3 years, i will be a specialist pharmacist, hopefully in psychiatry, i.e. specialised in anti-depressants, anti-maniac drugs.I am waiting for the reply.If i do not get it, i will apply to somewhere north.

Alternatively, go home during September, attend my brother's wedding, get a working/holiday visa and work as locum for a while in UK before i settle for a permanent job in any of the hospital that i enjoy working .Life is like a box of chocolate for me, i'll never know what i'm gonna get, because it is in God's hand.I just need to trust God with my future, jobs, future partner etc..... life is exciting at this stage... looking forward to what God has prepared for me and i will definitely keep you posted =)

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