Sunday, 2 February 2003

Chinese New Year *MeEeehh MeeEeh*

I am in London today. now at Park Road, near St John's Wood.Had a Canterbury Girls reunion yesterday.Yes, it's a girls thing hehe.We talked about everything under the sky.We had steamboat.I cooked CharSui, using MawPint's recipe, it tasted good BUT it was burnt at the top.Cooked chicken as well, using my dad's recipe, turned out alright but not as good as my dad.Will ask him.

Was at Chinatown with Minie, girl from HongKong, just arrived two weeks ago.She said Chinatown makes her homesick.I was homesick on New Year's eve.Homesick but not really wanting to go home... ha i know it's weird.I am like that.Quite nice atmosphere with banners and lantern.

Walked along OXford St, did some shopping. My wardrobe need come changes.I am very old-fashion, have to update a bit.After walking in and out of those shops, i bought two items, and decided not to buy so much in London.Not really worth the money, will save some money and shop in KL.

All in All, it's a good day, i enjoyed myself.

10 things to praise God
1. Good weather, i.e. not wet
2. Friends to celebrate CNY, don't feel homeless
3. Place to stay in London
4. Good food (had crab for steamboat.Yum)
5, bargain from ZARA
6. Opportunities to be in London (my dream when i was 18)
7. Safety
8. secure job
9. Joy of friendship
10. New/Old Camera

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