Thursday, 2 January 2003

Second-hand Bookstore

Wanted to go jogging this morning, but it was rainy..Met up with Dr. Ng and KMeng for lunch. The time of fellowship and chatting was quite nice. KMeng brought Dr. Ng to Judd Bookshop.They were both browsing through philosophy books, something that is too profound for me. I bought a psychology book, simple and practical, i hope. Then just went to this Italian restaurant, cheap and nice near Les Mis theatre. Dr. Ng watched matinee show while me and KMeng went to another second-hand bookshop at great portland street. He ended buying 7 volumes of history of philosphy book and some other books.As for me, i settled with a book on prayer and a tiny book on inspiration whihc only cost me 50p( just the tiny book). Then, we went to V's place to look at his new born baby, 4 day old infant, so comfortably sleeping. Just sat at the living room and chatted with Kia Meng, coz the baby's mum was tired and V has to see his patients. I am home at my frien'd's place, dead tired... need to pack and prepare to go up to Newcastle tomorrow.

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