Thursday, 16 January 2003


Yeah... By the grace of God, i completed 8 exams in 1 1/2 week. Intensive exam with one paper everyday.Ironically, i was quite laid back for this exam.. in fact, it's a good break for me... change of scene... away from my routine and meeting totally different people. I enjoyed it very much. I was pampered with Malaysian home-cooked food, from 'Kun Lo mee", Char Siu, Rendang Beef curry, Chicken Rice and SI Yao Pork".. all by one sweet couple.. yum yum... it's so amazing... they cooked different dishes... learnt some cooking from them as well... Visited Sunderland Glass Centre.. nice place... near the River... sat down, had a cup of coffee and started writing my journal... writing down my struggles and emptying my worries onto paper.. quite therapeutic...

I will spend the rest of the week in London, just chilling out and relax before i start work next Monday.I hope to have a fruitful weekend...

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