Wednesday, 22 January 2003

Post-exam Weekend

This is just an update of my previous entry.I had a fruitful weekend in London.Just walking around the town and meeting up with people and chat, chat, chat. I totally agree with this friend who told me that his idea of holiday is doing nothing, but just chatting with his friend and share their souls together.WOw.. i like that, that is my idea of holiday.I found out that this is prayer rooms available right in the midst of Oxford St, so nice and i did pray with KM last weekend. Talk about chatting with friends, i can't do that all the time, because i need to have topic for conversations and therefore, i will read.I bought a number of books and my hand luggage couldn't cope, the handle broke. I had quite a tiring journey moving from London to Southend.My muscles are aching now... good to know that i made full use of my muscles.

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