Wednesday, 22 January 2003

My friend

I want to tell you about this friend of mine, V. I shared and spent quite a lot of time with her when i was studying in London last year.She is a very passionate girl. I learnt a lot from her.She is a very good listener and a faithful friend. I can count on her.She is always very keen in learning.She can write very well.She always encourages me. I guess she is one of the few peers i have that really have a zeal for life. Whatever she set her heart to do, she will be able to do it, a girl with a very strong will and determination;though she claims that she can always do better. Though we are far apart, the things that she said does come to mind when i am alone. I know she will be able to materialise her dreams. I will continue to pray for her. Thank you my friend, for showing me your zeal and being who you are.I am very grateful ...very...

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