Tuesday, 17 December 2002


*cough cough* i am recovering.. was down with flu last week and had 3 days off from work.. which is good... but not the flu itself... throat still sore... tried every medicine under the sky, from chinese to 'western'..i guess chinese it for mild case.. ehhe... and therefore does not work on me.. only started taking paracetamol the third day.. should have taken it earlier for symptom relief... dose myself with lots and lots of honey... which is good... each day i expected myself to be up and well but end up being asked to leave my work and rest at home.

Yes, winter is here... and its Christmas next week, so is my birthday. Most probably studying next week.. exam very near and i am not very confident .... though i only need to pass... celebrating my birthday this weekend in London... looking forward to it... have to start packing as i am vacating my room over the next three weeks... the rest of the nurses have moved out of my flat... and i am the only one staying in the flat now.. it's really really quiet... and i quite enjoy it.... solitude is good for rest...that's about it for now... will blog more when i have internet access.

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