Thursday, 26 December 2002


I joined all the staff of Imperial Chinese Takeaway for dinner on Christmas Eve, before making my way to London. They cooked loster, steamed fish, prawns and duck.. They take care of me and very kind to me. Thank GOD for that.After few hours of packing, i finally managed to vacate my room. However, i left my doll, Sophie and i am quite upset. I need to call the accomodation manager to keep my doll when they do the housekeeping.

I spent my Christmas in Kate and Voishim's place at Hendon Central, not forgetting 2 year-old Samuel. We had breakfast together and went to the living room to open our presents. They bought me a present as well, very kind of them. Then we hugged each other and wished each other Merry Christmas. Aww....... full of warmth..... We then prepared the food for lunch, had steamboat for lunch. Few other couples came with their kids. I was so full..... have been eating like a goldfish... piling my adipose tissue..!!! badbad.... chocolates are irresistable..... haha... i was dead tired and had an early night. First Christmas with a family.... nice =)

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