Thursday, 26 December 2002

23rd Dec

I turned 23 on 23rd of Dec... i like the numbers... this year has been a great year for me. A lot has happened in my life and i have learnt a lot. Above all, i have experienced God's love for me and He has indeed been my best friend. It's definitely a challenging year for me. I have gained a couple of deep close friendships and met a lot of people. It was indeed a eventful year.

Birthday celebration was simple and nice. Met with PLoong, YKhuen and KMeng for lunch then they bought me a small birthday cake which was very sweet(of them, not the cake). I like blowing candles, so that's good. Then, in the evening, i cooked dinner for A, Wend and Shu. That was nice as well. Shu tried to make banofee pie for me. She cooked the condensed milk for 2 hours but it didn't turn out to be caramel at all. She was disappointed..Aww... so we had ice-cream instead. Both Shuwen and I have not watched Lord of the Rings PART ONE.. ya.. a bit outdated.... so we started watching at 1130p.m... Shu fell asleep in some of the parts. I was indeed very into it and enjoyed it the whole way through. In fact, i was so noisy, being the impatient me, i always asked Beng what would happen next.It was hard for him NOT to tell me... The pics are here
Had dim sum the next day, met up with Ai Wei... couldn't believe that we have not seen each other for a year... didn't seem to be that long since we last saw each other, because we speak to each other quite often on the phone.YKhuen invited me for dinner on Sunday night.. with Constance... Again.. hahaa had a great italian dinner.e is a good cook i must say. I wanted to go back to Southend on Sunday night but was too late and tired. Woke up at 6am on Monday and went to work from London. I felt like a zombie... dead tired...but it was a good eventfl weekend. All i need now is rest before i go for MCC. COunting down the days. It will definitely be the highlight of the year 2002.

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