Thursday, 21 November 2002

WHEN 2 become 1

I had a great weekend. It seemed like a long weekend for me because i did quite a lot of travelling and meeting new people. I took a day off on Friday and studied for my upcoming exam in January. It was not very fruitful, slow progress. I need a a kick on the butt. In short, i just lack of discipline and very prone to doing things the last minute which is no good at all.

I went to the bank to sort out my accounts. I have applied for overdraft and credit card for a number of times but was rejected. Not to say that i really need it, i just want equal opportunity. The branch juist refused to give it to me, while other of my friends got it as a package. I am just "geram" that's all. Then, i just walked into the Southend branch, bought a bankraft and she just asked me whether i would want an overdraft facility and how much would i want it. Also, i am quite happy that i have a savings account now that automatically transfer a fix amount of money from my current account. Hmnn, makes me feel good that i am more organised now in distributing and spending my money, allocating a fix amount for savings each month regardless *grin*

So, on Saturday, woke up ay 7 am to catch the earliest train to Leeds for the wedding. I then found my way to Holiday Inn and checked in. It was a nice hotel at the countryside. Very lovey and quiet. The one thing i regret was not bringing my trainers and swim suit. If only i am more organised and read about the facilities in the hotel. Well well.. it's okay, i have a double bed all by myself.... a luxury for me hehe... The wedding was great. Started with the ceremony in a church. The couple kneeled while the minister blessed them with prayers. I like it when he said , now in the presence of God and the congregation....then went to this traditional English house for mulled wine, then dinner. Dinner was great, made some new friends: Shapoor and Emilmira, a pharmacist and a dentist from Iran, Darren an american who travelled a lot to Southeast Asia. I was very tired, did not join the party later, went back to hotel at 9pm with a full stomach. It was a three course meal but yet it was filling, can't imagine 10 course meal for chinese wedding.. i quite like the chinese wedding dinner.. =) few of my friends are getting married but i won't be able to attend their wedding... i wish i could.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy who sat opposite me on the train when i headed back to London from Leeds. He is young, 18 years old but smart. He is going to do a degree in philosophy in Cambridge university next year. He is taking a gap year now. He told me about the grilling interview he had and shared his knowledge in philosophy with me. I asked him what does he take pleasure in his life, what brings joy to him... and then talked about religion as well. I just shared my belief and invite him to experience this spiritual journey. In the end, i gave him a book that i brought with me for my own reading : God and Science. He was delighted and said he would read it. It's just amazing how God plan this meeting with him. I missed my earlier train and that's why ended up having an interesting conversation with him.

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

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