Friday, 8 November 2002


I have ended my first week in the pharmacy dispensary in the hospital. The first few days were quiet, not many prescriptions in a day. The last two days were busy. I like it when it' busy, don't like it when i just stand around and do nothing. The colleagues and the pharmacists are nice. I noticed that working environment is so different from backhome. People in my current hospital do not loose their temper when they are busy. They don't raise their voice on the phone to the nurses and vice versa. It's so important. I would want to make sure that i tray every effort to cultivate this politeness and friendly atmosphere when i go home.

Pride.. God is humbling me, that is very obvious .. i know. This week that i have been in the dispensary, how i wish i can discuss clinical issues with the other pharmacists. On one hand, i can't wait to apply my clinical knowledge that i have acquired from my Masters. On the other, i am frustrated at myself when i made mistakes when dispensing. ArrggHhhh.. i am so tired of making mistakes... must i learn only from mistakes... isn't there any easier way to learn... I mentioned pride because i could feel it inside me, especially when my clinical knowledge is being challenged. It's pride.... i will fight against it with all my MIGHT...with ths strength of Almighty God... sometimes , i can't wait to rise up as a leader in my career... i.e. being a chief pharmacist, or a specialist pharmacist who is competent.. but it takes times. Above all, a teachable spirit and humility... I know God sees my heart, He oppose the proud and exalt the humble... i want to be humble to receive grace from Him...

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