Monday, 4 November 2002


A lot of things have happened since the last time i blogged. I do not know where to start, but i will try. I have moved out from my previous flat, to another room across the street, yes, directly opposite. Why? well... story is not that pleasant. A man in my flat committed suicide. I do not know him personally. In fact the first and the last time i saw him was few hours before his death, on my way out to my friend's place. I did not witness his death. He hang himself in the shower room with a belt. Initially i thought it was okay to stay there. The next day, three of my flatmates have moved out of the flat. I did not feel comfortable staying there as well as it reminds me of the death.

I like my new room, it's painted with blue very cooling, in contrast with my previous room with lots of marks on the wall. The moving bit wasn't nice.... i have quite a lot of stuff to move... this was my eight time moving in a year.... always wish i can go around with just one suitcase... ideally....

I have been busy, pretty occupied. I have started working part-time in a chinese take-away restaurant for two nights in a week, going straight after my work in the pharmacy. It's quite an easy job, just taking orders from the phone. My boss is nice, so are the chefs. It's an interesting experience, to be in the kitchen of a chinese restaurant, to watch them cook. It's hard work... lots of preparation work.

I woke up at 6 30 am this morning to study... have to discipline myself to wake up at 5 am every morning to study for my exam during january.Time really flies.. i just started this morning. I think this idea is good, i am able to concentrate and spend at least an hour or two a day just to study for my exams. If not, i will never be able to do it. I am always distracted with events during the weekend.. moreover, weekends are the time where i can go to bank, post office.. buy things etc... i can't wait for this exam to be over... and i will pray really hard that i can pass my exams... then i will be free by then... just need to PERSEVERE

Started my first day in Hospital today, for the past three months i was in a high street chemist. Nothing interesting in the hospital... will see how it goes, too soon to say anything....

Yes, that is it basically..... will be able to blog more i hope, now that i am in the hospital...

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