Wednesday, 27 November 2002

GOD, what can i do for you?

My dear heavenly Father, what can i do for you? As i walked through the garden, singing "it's all about you, Jesus..." your love, your blessings, your grace. You have been doing all the giving, all the effort, like a mother hen, always gathering the chicks beneath your wings. YOu just give unconditionally. Human beings turn away from you, rebell against you, put you aside.... yet when they cry out to you, you are ever so faithful, you never turn them down. God, you are amazing. Even me, sometimes when people do not appreciate my loving kindness, it affects me so much. Lord, that hurts so much. Please help me to be like you, every so forgiving and full of grace. Lord, i just want you to be with me, hold me close Lord, let your love surround me, bring me near and draw me to your side.
Yes lord, what can i do for you? What do you want to me? I know... you only want my heart and my love. Lord, i give you my heart. I want to love you whole heartedly. My life is complete in You. The world will leave me dry. Please Lord, be my security . I want to immerse fully in your ocean of love.

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