Friday, 8 November 2002


I was being asked by different people in these two consecutive days. My answer: NO. I don't want to go home... well, not Yet. IF the Lord willing, a couple of years later. Everywhere it's the same.. in fact, i enjoy meeting new people over here, which i do not think i will have this luxury when i get home. In fact, i think my friendship with friends from home are closer when i am in the UK. I know that if i were at home, i will have to try extra hard to meet with them. Somehow, i have lost touch of doing things Together with others. Maybe i haven't met anyone who share the same hobbies like i do... i don't know.. i will know when i meet one... IN short: I am very contented and i just like the way things are =) I just Love Jesus Very much and i am going through this Life on earth with Him and i can't wait to see Him face to face in heaven...Jesus is my best friend...

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