Wednesday, 13 November 2002


I am such a bias person. I was worst few years back but there is plenty of room for improvement. I have noticed that i am not as outgoing and loug as i used to be. I always wish i can be more sociable or have more things to talk about whenever i meet new people. I think i need a balance. Everything is a balance. Sometimes i prefer to be alone, to do things on my own. After last weekend, i was inspired to be open to everyone whom i meet. It's all in my mind. I have tried it this week when i am in Basildon Hospital, my two weeks attachment in medicine information. I am very glad. It works. These new people that i meet never cease to amaze me. They enriched my life... the word enrich reminds me of Holborn toastmaster meeting that i attended with Violet. I am glad that i am learning to be open and to listen empathically and non-judgementally. To listen with my head and not my emotions.

I am happy =)

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