Thursday, 12 September 2002


I have so much to tell and express myself but i can't find a listener. I guess this is the best outlet for me. I do write snail mails, waiting for my friends to confirm their address with me, but they have not replied.I bought the card, the stamps all ready to be sent but they are confirming their addresses with me. How sad.... don't know what to say....

I bought a second-hand bicycle from London and transported it using the train. Quite a good bargain, it;s alright.. just feel like cycling in this small town. So , i decided to cycle to work. It's 1/2 hour by bus and i tried out the route on Sunday and it took me one hour. It's alright, and therefore made up my mind to cycle to work on Monday and i did. Unfortunately, it was raining cats adn dogs on Monday, even my colleagues said the heavy downpour which started from 8 am till 5 pm was really once in a blue blue moon. I was soaked all over and was late to work. I did not manage to cycle to the pharmacy because i reckoned i couldn't make it and therefore park my cycle in a nearby industrial area and took the bus to work. My colleague said maybe it's a sign for me not to cycle to work. In a way, it's not really advisable to cycle, it's quite dangerous and the journey was not very pleasant. My butt hurts.... i was really exhausted from Monday. It's thursday today and i am still thinking about it. Maybe i should give it one more try and see whether i enjoy cycling to work. Before that, i need to get myself a soft-gel to cover my saddle to make it more comfortable. My mum will kill me if she finds out that i cycle one hour per trip to work. She disapproved when i told her i bought a bicycle. I'll see how it goes......

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