Saturday, 10 August 2002


Yup, that is where i am now. I moved to this place 6 days ago and i am going to be here for at least a year. I have started working as a pre-registration pharmacist, have some problem with the Pharmacy Society application, will see how it goes. This is quite a nice, peaceful town. There isn't any internet cafes around, i have checked it out. I am now in the local library. I have been waiting for this day to come, where i can finally check my e-mails and go on-line. However, here i am in front of the PC and my excitement is gone. Ha, as my friend Violet mentioned to me: happiness is in the wanting, not the having.

So, i went home for 10 days and it was great. I felt so heavy and reluctant to leave home as i foresee myself stepping into a new environment, meeting new people. Uncertainties will lead to fear.... As i grow older, i find myself loving and missing my parents more and more. Not to say that i don't love them when i was younger, but my interest was always in conflict with my parents'. This time, as i go home and spend time with them, part of me just want to stay by their side, to be there for them. I know that my parents miss me very much. My dad actually asked me not to stay in UK too long as it is very far for them to see me. He suggested me to work in places like Singapore or Australia where it's nearer. I think ageing is quite a scary thing... i often wonder how i will feel when i can feel myself ageing. I pray very hard that my parents will be healthy and live longer, so that i have an opportunity to take care of them as much as they have taken care of me. I don't know where i will be one year later. All i need is just TRUST in my God who holds my future as He unfold His purposes to me. Trust= Rest in Him.....

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