Saturday, 10 August 2002


Is money important? Yes. Is money That Important? IS money everything? No. Everyone knows that, but somehow this trip back home make me realise that all of my friends are busy earning money. 9 to 5 in hospital working as a pharmacist, and part-time at night and weekend at independent local pharmacy. Why? The salary is not enough to maintain their lifestyle and commitment.Car loan, accomodation rental, petrol, toll, private insurance and expenses. This is excluding luxuries, just basic expenses. My other friend argued that it depends what kind of lifestyle you want to have. Another friend told me that one wish to be simple, but circumstances just do not permit one to do so. Me? I do not know. I would like to prove to this friend of mine that it is possible to be happy and have a simple life, not neccessarily lots of money. On the other, i am aware that without residue income, i am restricted in a lot of things that i want to do. For example, buying my parents air-ticket and subsidize all their expenses while travelling, donating money to charity organisations. For now, i don't have the answer to who is right and who is wrong. It's personal i guess... maybe after few years of working, i will know. Reality vs Ideal.....

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