Friday, 19 July 2002

Human Voice

Had a morning conversation with Peng... yeah.. what a pleasant surprise! I am so sorry, he must have a hard time understanding me. Reason: #1: My Malaysian accent, #2: my speed . I am still learning to speak slower.... this is what i told myself 2 years ago... *sigh* till now, i am still the old Irene... i always forget... esp when i am excited about things.... :p Thanks for calling P, it's great talking to you.. maybe we should converse in Mandarin

Having conversation with interesting people is so enlightening.... yet, the problem with me is with people who are quiet... i will think very hard to keep the conversation going.... maybe i should just leave it silent.... sometimes, i am so disappointed with my communication skills...i have friends who can just talk about anything and everything under the sun. I can't..... hopefully, in few years time i will improve.

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