Sunday, 28 July 2002

Home sweet Home- Malaysia the best place on earth !!!!!

yes, i am home, after having an interesting flight.. took a bus to the airport... took 2 hours, reached airport at 2 30 pm.. my flight was at 4. Long queue... no i meant mega mega long queue....wrong spelling i think... anyways , queued for 1 hour, checked in at 3 30 pm, overweight,,, that lady wanted to charge me 150 pounds!!! told her i had cash with me, she said direct debit card would do, told her i only had 100 pounds in my bank account... i am a returning student.. she said she would charge me 100 pounds then.... "you can't do this to me" i said... bla bla.. i told her i choose to take out my stuff from my luggage, she sould tell me when to stop. I had not much time, it was 345 pm then.... in the end, she gave me back my stuff.. and i ran like a mad cow... reached another check in.. for hand luggage... long queue again.. asked those ppl to let me go through first, ... jump queue.. no choice.. still quite a long way to the boarding gate.. ran like a mad woman... hair flying all over.. breathing so heavily that i could sense that everyone was looking at me, can't be bothered.. can't bear the thought of missing the flight to go home.. in the end, reached the gate at 355pm.. board the plane... around 445pm, announcement from the pilot that there was something wrong with the engine. need to repair... then the air traffic control only allowed the plane to fly at 7 pm.. so stuck in the plane for 3 hours.... i took emirates, so have to transit at Dubai airport... reached KLIA at 6 in the evening the next day... my luggage was not here yet.. due to the delay... reported.... and they sent me the luggage the next day.

I am at home now.. enjoying... 7 days have gone by, 3 more days and i will be back in UK. Though it's only 10 days, to me, it's just right... i enjoyed the attention from my working friends... if i stay longer, i don't think my presence matter to them that much ehhee.... it's good to be home.. the food here is the BEST,,,,, yum yum .... =)

alright,, will blog more when i reached UK , provided i have internet connection...

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