Thursday, 27 June 2002


I have been thinking about this : what keeps you going? are you merely living or existing? who are you living for? yourself? your family? your friends? your God? Time to reflect.....

Internal security is important. Otherwise, we will always find our confidence out of us. There are people who place their worth in career. They feel important and valued when they excel in their career. There are some who place their security in friends. The feeling of being needed and significance is found solely in friends. Thus, their friends become their hope in times of need. What if, as a human being themselves, they fail to come to us when we needed them most? Do we abandon them and walk away? Some find their worth in their partner. When their partner walk out of their life, their world begin to collapse. They feel rejected, they feel they are not good enough, they feel that they are not lovable.

Don't get me wrong, i am not saying that we should not pursue friendship, love and career. The issue is do we place our worth and security in these? Beware, if we do, we are in a very vulnerable state. Because external things and circumstances change. It is imperative for us to have our internal security. You have to constantly remind yourself that you are being loved Unconditionally, just the way you are.Of course you will feel the pain when you stumbled in your career, or when your friends deserted you , or your lover abandoned you. Do not pretend the pain is not there. Acknowledge it, face it and continue to walk. Please do not put on a mask, or self-defence. Love involves courage and risk. If you are afraid of being hurt, you will never be able to grasp how much you are loved, maybe not by the person who have hurt you, but by Someone who appreciate and love you for being 'You'.

Stand tall and spend time with yourself. Find your internal security.

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