Thursday, 9 May 2002


Slept at 3 30 am this morning, woke up at 7, was working on my case presentation for today. It took longer that i expected. I think i wasted too much time.. i guess.. anyways.... case presentation was alright, with kidney background .. u can click on this to view my powerpoint.
Got my feedback ... got a good pass, ie 13/20. Last term i strived hard to get excellent, 15 .. but the closest was 14... a good pass is 12-14... then for this case presentation i did not spend soo much effort as i should, don't be mislead by the fact that i worked on it last night..... it went well today.. thought deep in my heart i was sitll hoping for an excellent. I talked to another tutor about how i felt... i told him that i am still affected by results. He said we will defnitely be.. no matter how much we treasure the process of learning.... because we are human. Right.... i should not aspire to be a robot... who is not affected my results... because my heart is made of flesh.., not stone... maybe it's the extent that i am affected..... and depends how much i value it....

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