Monday, 6 May 2002

Researach Update:

I am always on a roller coaster... nothing new.. yesterday felt quite relax, after completed my questionnaire. I am in the hospital now, don't worry... i am not admitted for injury, just met up with my tutor. I need to do some changes... at first i felt quite stress about it... but it's all about my style of learning.... i don't wanna get discourage, in fact i want these failures to spur me forward to be better ... and of course, i am making a conscious decision not to allow things to get me down... i wanna keep going... trip, i pick myself up and continue walking.. i am walking up a slope now, metaphorically... on my way to the peak (which is the day i graduate from my Msc) i have to remember my failures and reflect on them , then i learn and grow ....

I talked to my tutor about time management... i am struggling .. i can't concentrate on all my assignments because i have few on-going with different deadlines. I not only have 10,000 dissertation to write, which include my questionnaire... etc.. i have 2 teaching sessions, for my teaching and learning module, i have one case presentation coming Thursday which i am definitely not prepared, i have one research method assignment due end of this month, one portfolio and one more research method assignment due next month, and lastly one 3,000 essay on international perspective on health care system due end of next month. Oh man, i am so 'excited' how can i not be right? Just say a prayer for me as you read this... that's all i need from you really..... your prayer and my Saviour-Jesus .. ..... Persevere irene.. Persevere Violet.. we are almost there... Almost.... Cling on to Jesus !!

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