Tuesday, 7 May 2002


Walked around central london for 2 hours searching for jobs. Let' see who have my CV: internet cafe, Whittard tea, Nine west at Covent garden, Bagelmania #2 To whom did i leave my contact number: few sandwich shops, saloon, hare and tortoise restaurant (nice name ya)

#3: I bought Evening Standard today to look for jobs, went to career service of University of London... quite interested in the job of serving breakfast at a 5 star hotel .. I went to Pret recruitment center at Kingsway, it was closed... then went to Nero cafe recruitment, no vacancy for part-time, then went to Job recruitment centre at Strand, only office admin jobs everyday for few weeks are available. I have applied for different jobs.... no response ....

Alright, i have done my part.... will stop hunting for a while.. and just WAIT...... wait.... and Wait..... =) It's a good experience, i am learning to enjoy everything that i do.... and to go through mini sufferings , i.e. things that i dread to do like assignments and essays.... with a positive attitude. Cherish every moment and it will be over before you know it.... ..

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