Sunday, 5 May 2002


I often wonder why one�s feeling can fluctuate and change in such a short time. At one point, one can love another deeply, after break up, one can fall in love with another in a short time. Why? What happen to those promises that one give ? I thought he loves me�. How could he go out with my best friend one month later etc�..? (scenario� not ME )

I think feelings do fluctuate and it�s a two-edged sword. It is good, for example when you are down, you don�t stay there forever (normally, except clinical depressed people which I think thinking is more of the dominant factor here) On the other hand, it can do you harm if one is driven by their emotions rather than their values. Can you imagine how the world will be if everyone just do what they feel like doing, without even considering the consequences and feelings of others? �Why do you slap me? Because I feel like slapping you.� There�s a lot of issues involved in my previous statement and I shall not dwell on that for now. Humans are not merely emotional beings, but also thinking and choosing beings. Though circumstances may favour one to feel sad, but I believe one can CHOOSE not to. Yes, I know it�s difficult, but I think it�s possible. It is possible� if only you choose to do it��. Either you think you can or you can�t, you are always right.

So, in essence, one should acknowledge and aware that their own feelings do fluctuate and change, yet feelings should not justify their behaviour in hurting others, Never. Why? Because I think it�s the attitude, will and choice that one makes to bahave in certain ways. If one is merely emotionally driven, I think that mortal need to grow up.

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