Monday, 29 April 2002


Sonia (my hall mate)came back from Malayisa finally. I miss her, miss her smile and laughter and her high pitch voice hehe Spent 3 hours in her room just chatting, mainly about BGR( boy girl relationship) ya.. girls talk� and update her about my life. Good to see her again. Just want to blog my sweet friend Son as I call her.


She is a well-known violinist and she performed at Royal Festival Hall yesterday. I have been looking forward to this day since last month. Unfortunately, due to the roast chicken in my hall being served as dinner, and of course my decision to pack my dinner, I decided to go there half an hour later, assuming that I will have seats. Oh well, major disappointment, tickets were all sold out. If only I was there half an hour later, history would be changed.

The silver lining behind was we saw rainbow..haven�t seen rainbow for quite some time. We took pictures and this led us to a conversation with a stranger. A man in his fifties, quite good looking( when he was young) from his present features, from China.. and started looking at my palm� No his style of palm reading is more of longetivity� then he felt my pulse and said I am malnourished. I felt that the conversation was like consulting a dietician or a nutritionist. He asked about what I eat for my meals.. I told him bread and cereal for breakfast, bread for lunch and british dinner or sometimes bread. He said you are eating grass, i.e. brown bread and cereal. I lack of protein in my diet and he advised me to eat more red meat, taking my blood group into account. That 45 minutes chat was quite enlightening and a reminder that I am not eating properly. Thank God for it� new month new beginning, change of lifestyle and change of eating habit. Good.. good� God is good all the time.. Yeh�

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