Thursday, 25 April 2002


There's so much i can read about a person, nowadays with this blogging, i can even know so much about a person whom i have not met, maybe even more than their real life friends. Even when we read about biography in the book, it seems that we can know so much about a person.Don't be misleaded, we are merely knowing ABOUT a person.

Nothing can replace the face to face encounter and time spent with a 3-dimension human being.Knowing about a person and knowing a person is different. Maybe these two are complimentary , rather than mutually exclusive. Of course, the main key to open the door to know oneself is the willingness of one to open up themselves. If not, the friendship will only be like floating on the water, rather than scuba diving to appreciate the beautiful scene underneath. Ever notice some people never talk about themselves? Don't be disturb, it has nothing to do with you. The other person are not ready or unwilling to open up themselves. It's alright, having different levels of friendship makes our lives interesting. Just leave it there and enjoy.

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