Monday, 8 April 2002


I always thought that the willingness of my friends in helping me is proportionate to the depth and strength of the bond between us. I was wrong. I later realized that it has nothing to do with my friendship with them. It's about who they are and their personality. In many ocassions, people who help me along my way are those whom i least expected them to help because i hardly know them or i am not close to them at all.

Therefore, girls, when looking for someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, observe the inherit characteristic of the guy. Are they helpful people by nature?? or they have to acquire this virtue? Please keep your eyes open, or at least ask the people around you who knows the guy whose eyes are wide open when your eyes are blinded by love. Parents have the best screening eyes... trust them... though you may not agree.. but it's the truth that they live longer on earth than we do...

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