Tuesday, 30 April 2002


Don't worry about the title, it's a reminder for myself :P Just happened to browse through my sermon notes and came across this phrase. It was a talk on "dating vs courting" The speaker said that we have to be careful with how we deal with our emotions. We have to wrap our emotions carefully and be wise in being emotionally dependent on a certain people. This bring to my mind an article that i read over the weekend about adultery without sexual relationship... the question asked was this: do we consider male and female who are both emotionally attached outside their respective marriage as adultery? They feel so comfortable sharing with each other, meeting each other without their spouse knowing... they argue that they are not having affair.. there was no sexual intimacy. The author suggested that it was not about sexual relationship that label it as adultery, it's the mind and the emotions. When your spouse is no longer the first person that comes to your mind when you need to talk or share your deepest struggles, you are falling into the pit....

I think the mind and emotions are potent weapons that draw two beings of the opposite sex together , besides the lust of the flesh. To me, the lust of the flesh may be short-lived, but to be emotionally detach from another person takes a longer time.......... i shall stop here.... remember , don't sell your emotions.. only offer to those who can afford and are willing to PAY the price.

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